Our range of magnetic accessories create the perfect visual management display or printed whiteboard for you. We use premium magnetic so your chosen magnetic accessories can fix directly to your magnetic whiteboard or on top of our printed whiteboard overlays. We make all of these to order, so we can often customise elements such as the size, colours, and text labels within status areas. Do feel free to get in touch and discuss your requirements.

Document Holders

The magnetic document holders display important paper documents. We offer two document holder products so you have flexibility. These are document holder display frames for single sheets or document holder trays for hold multiple sheets of paper.

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Number Sets and Labels

Choose magnetic labels or stickers so you can put data in numerical or sequential order.

Furthermore, assign a red (sad) or green (happy) status to given data fields. These work because they deliver absolute clarity.

Status Dials or Sliders

Magnetically attaches to any whiteboard. This provides instant reference because an area’s status is immediately visible. We can even add custom labels/colours to the status area, such as ‘incomplete’ in the red status or ‘completed’ in the green status.

Column Dividers

Use magnetic column and/or row dividers. This give you the ultimate flexibility for your printed whiteboard. This is because you can change the column and row dimensions at anytime.

Whiteboard Overlays

We also produce whiteboard overlays, because, in the future, you might want to update your printed whiteboard with a new layout or design.

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Privacy Cover

The magnetic privacy cover is useful because any sensitive data can be covered as required. This can be particularly helpful in a meeting room setting. This is custom sized so it fits your magnetic printed whiteboard.

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