Our hand wash procedure boards work because they make the hand washing procedures clear and accessible to all using pictures and words. First of all, they work in all changing rooms before entering critical areas. Likewise, they show the hand wash procedure above every sink throughout the site. Above all, these boards make clear exactly how to wash hands using clear instructions. Similarly, they offer regular reminders and prompts to encourage hand washing.

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Hand wash check boards

Hand wash check boards are useful just before the entrance to critical areas because they offer a final checkpoint. Our check boards ask if hands have been washed correctly before entering the given area.

Above all, both hand washing procedure boards and hand wash check boards communicate standards every step of the way. Similarly, we also produce PPE and changing procedure boards, and PPE check boards.

Made for you

Each procedure board we make is unique because it is made for you. First of all, it is customised so it shows what you need. Furthermore, your board is also custom sized. This is so it fits perfectly in your changing room, at the entrance to critical areas or wherever you need it. Because you might have steel clad walls, we also offer magnetic hand wash procedure boards. Most noteworthy, these can be removed and cleaned easily and, likewise, the wall behind can be washed.

If needed, our team visits and photographs the procedures because sometimes this is the easiest way. Likewise, we happily work with your own photos if this is easier.

Use our experience

Our design team is highly experienced because we create hand wash procedure boards everyday. Above all, our team works so you are happy with the end result.

Quality boards

All My Visual Management boards are made from lightweight and durable materials so they last. Even in busy or wet areas, boards withstand the challenges of the environment because they are fit for purpose.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your hand wash procedure boards. Please feel free to get in touch, we’re always happy to help.

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Hand wash procedure board examples

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