Custom made foreign body board

We design and supply custom made foreign body visual management boards. Each one meets your requirements. Similarly, it includes options like pockets to display any foreign bodies found by area. The pockets and foreign bodies are also enclosed within a lockable frame system. Consequently, this keeps them secure and away from further risks or contaminations.

Options for you

Your foreign body board shows exactly the information you need so it can include your own team name, for instance. Your board is also custom sized. This is so it fits perfectly in your work area and close to the process at hand.

You might want magnetic document holders or numbered magnetic stickers, so you can choose magnetic areas on your foreign body board. Similarly, you might want to add colour coded updates for instant visibility. Therefore you can choose Red/Green sliders or Red, Amber, Green (RAG) status dials for your board. This provides instant reference because an area’s status is immediately visible. These are just some examples of how our foreign body boards can be customised to meet your needs. We do this because, above all, they are made to work for you.

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