We made this large noticeboard for a client. The brief for this customised noticeboard includes a number of requirements (detailed below).

Requirement 1: easy to update

This customised noticeboard is easy to update for each of its departments. This is because it is designed in sections and includes magnetic headings for each department. Furthermore, the magnetic headings can be updated when required.

Requirement 2: flexible use of space

The layout of this customised noticeboard is flexible. In other words, this client can move the headings around. For instance, to expand or reduce the amount of space each department has. In short, all headings are easy to rearrange because they are magnetic.

Requirement 3: A4 document holders

This customised noticeboard features A4 document holders. These display A4 notices that can be changed or moved. Importantly, this offers flexibility for content.

Requirement 4: fully branded customised noticeboard

This fully branded noticeboard delivers a professional appearance. Therefore, this customised noticeboard is designed in the client’s style. Furthermore, it is in keeping with the rest of the site.

Requirement 5: lockable noticeboard

This secure and tamperproof noticeboard works because it keeps content safe. It has sliding doors that are locked with a key. Furthermore, the doors are made from strengthened safety glass.

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