Focus on waste reduction

Make your purpose clear: reduce any form of waste. Above all, take action to meet your waste reduction goals.

We understand how important reducing waste is in your working environment.  As a result, we offer visual management options to support you.

Waste reduction KPI Board

We can make you a waste reduction KPI (key performance indicator) board to track performance and increases success. This works because it offers clear visual targets and action points to achieve them. It is an essential visual management tool for any progressive or lean environment because it monitors and encourages progress.
We will make the perfect waste reduction KPI board for your workplace. You can use it to:
  • Increase awareness 
  • Set goals
  • Implement change
  • Take action
  • Track results
  • Make progress

Bring your waste reduction KPI board to life

Add colour coded updates for the reason that they give instant visibility. Therefore, choose Red/Green sliders, or Red/ Amber/ Green (RAG) status dials. These provide instant reference points because an area’s waste reduction status is immediately visible. Connect actions with each status to make the difference.

Continuous improvement in action

Your waste reduction KPI board shows your targets and track results because this is how progress happens. Furthermore, standards, targets and results can be edited over time as your board is easy to update with, for example, dry wipe pen or magnetic stickers (or both). 

Customised waste reduction board

Each and every waste reduction KPI board we supply is custom designed. As a result, it meets your exact needs. Likewise, it is custom sized to suit your workspace so it fits perfectly and close to the process.

Other waste reduction options

 Use wall or floor visuals, signage, labelling and colour coding to reduce waste. Furthermore, these options can be used to reduce the waste of space within your work area.

Use our experience

The design team at My Visual Management is highly experienced because we create all types of KPI and visual management boards on a daily basis. We take a simple idea and turn it into a fully functional visual management tool. We happily work from a basic sketch or note because we want to make life easy. We involve you as part of the process, so you can see the idea develop. Above all, our team works with you so you can be sure you are happy with the end result. Once the design is set, My Visual Management puts your board into production.

Quality products

All My Visual Management boards are made from lightweight and durable materials because that they need to last. Even in busy or wet areas within a factory setting, boards withstand the challenges of the environment because they are fit for purpose.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss waste reduction in your workplace. Please feel free to get in touch, we’re always happy to help.